0-100 GPS acceleration time

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Summary: A 0-100 GPS acceleration time measuring app, to test your vehicle's performance

Updated: Jun 14, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS
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What is 0-100 GPS acceleration time for Android:
Developer: Kaloyan
Support Email: useful.apps@yahoo.com
Web Site: http://gsm-info.org/
A GPS timer to measure the acceleration time of your vehicle in miles per second(MPH), or in kilometers per hour(KM/H). Weather you have a car, a bike, a motorcycle it doesn't matter. 
How it works:
Simply put your device somewhere in the car, open the app(don't forget to choose your desired speed units, KM/H or MPH, via the settings menu), wait for a valid GPS fix and go. The app will automatically detect when the vehicle has started accelerating and start the timer. Once it reaches 60 mph, or 100 km/h, the timer will stop and will reset as soon as you stop the car for a new try run.

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