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Summary: This app brings together 1000 of the best and most original pop songs released by 483 artists

Updated: May 14, 2012
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Requirements: Require Android 2.1 and up
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What is 1000 Great Songs for Android:
Developer: Terascon
This app brings together 1000 of the best and most original pop songs released by 483 artists (from A to E). The complete version of this app ("3600 Great Songs") that is available to buy includes 3600 tracks by 1790 artists (from A to Z). To navigate, tap the blue artist name to go to the related Wikipedia article, or the red song name for a Youtube or Dailymotion video of the track (studio or live version). Tap on the green arrow on the left-hand side to return to the alphabetical index at the top.

PLEASE NOTE: your Android's "backspace" function (depending on your device, accessed via the back arrow at the bottom of the menu or just below the screen) may only be used to leave the videos and return to the app. Using the backspace within the app might cause the app to stop functioning properly.

Please note also that, depending on the country, some videos may be blocked for copyright reasons.

Most of these 1000 tracks can be bought and downloaded as audio and sometimes also as video files from Google Play Music, iTunes, 7digital, Amazon and other national and international download portals. In appreciation of the music industry and the many artists who have made such great Websites as Youtube and Dailymotion possible, it is important to me that these portals be used extensively.

Changes are constantly being made to Youtube and Dailymotion: video links change or disappear, or new ones are added for viewing on mobile devices. Each new version of this app will take these changes into account as far as possible.

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