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Summary: Representing a great collection of 1000 Unsolved Mysterious Fact of the World and Hidden Mysteries of india and World.

Updated: Dec 15, 2017
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What is 1000 Unsolved Mysterious Fact for Android:
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Representing a great collection of 1000 Unsolved Mysterious Fact of the World and Hidden Mysteries of india and World. mysteries book in Hindi. This application is developed in English for English readers of google. This collection has set of the stories and mystery book of the world which are unresolved till date. This app is regularly updated, please check it for new 1000 Unsolved Mysterious Fact. 
There are many famous Unsolved Mysteries in this world. These mysteries are mysteries till date, there are many ideas and thoughts regarding them, but there is no clear answer to them. We have chosen those mysteries and stories and tried to present you in form of Android app. The collection includes stories from India and all over the world. These mysteries are mystery and still not solved.
A new set of stories has been added, hope you would like them as well. We are still writing so many other new and interesting mysteries of India and Worlds, keep updating our app in google.
Nazca Lines. 
On an isolated,
arid plateau in southern Peru,
the wind almost never blows.
Beale Ciphers. 
Mary Celeste. Jack the Ripper
Bermuda Triangle. 
The Loch Ness Monster
.The Zodiac Letters.
This app also contain Ansuljhe Rahasya ,Amazing Facts around the World.
Mysterious story app provides real stories of the world.
indian real stories
Get updates very soon .rnrnPlease Download this App and see the collection, you would be amazed to read them and share with everyone.rnrnWe are presenting a clear interface for our Hindi readers. You can share this app with your friends and family. This app can be read Offline but we are updating it with new incidents everyday, please update the app time to time.rnrn- Unresolved mysteries collection with photographs.
- Clear Hindi font for better reading. 
- Added scientific proof behind each proof and done analysis of the subject. 
- Daily updates and new incidents are added. This app is like a magazine of mysteries.rnrnHope you will like this application most. We are regularly adding new incidents, please keep reading this app everyday. Please send your comments and suggestions to us.rnrn(Note : All pictures used in this app have been taken from public domain only.

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