2 Ways Call Recorder Automatic Pro 2018

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Summary: : Call Recorder Automatic Pro 2018 records any phone call from 2 ways with high-quality sound. Save, listen to the recording and share it if you want.

Updated: Jul 10, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS
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What is 2 Ways Call Recorder Automatic Pro 2018 for Android:
Developer: navaro
Support Email: navarox@outlook.fr
2 Ways Call Recorder Automatic Pro 2018 - one of the best Voice Recorder App in 2018, records automatically all incoming or outgoing calls with clearly voice from 2 ways. You will never have to worry about losing any important call. Easy to use with friendly interface, Call Recorder also allows you to replay the recording and share it on social networks if you like.  
Highlights of our automatic phone recorder app: 
 #3 hidden calling recorder mechanism: all recording, recording a number of calls, create a limited list
 Display icon in the notification bar for management easier
 Choose audio source from Mic, Voice call
 Set password to protect the privacy of each call
 Search the call recording outgoing and incoming file by time or name
 Free phone call recorder and voice recorder app
 More than a conventional recorder, we bring you useful features in call hack record to another cell phone app 
1. Phone call recorder both sides free
+ Recording call incoming g outgoing apps, phone recorder both sides of the conversation
+ Choose to recording call automatic all or only certain calls
+ Select the list of non record 
+ Automatic record voice while you're on a phone call
+ Record in unlimited time and space, automatic call recording unlimited
2. Editing tool for call recorder: 
 Displays detailed information about the file: name, size, location saved
 Sort by menu: incoming, outgoing, important or all calls
 Cut 2 way call recorder files quickly
 Playback at any time
 Delete audio files if desired
3. Recording File Manager: 
+ Save in many formats: Mp3, Wav ...
+ Save the record in the desired location, call recorder automatic save in my phone memory
+ Search for incoming call recording files easily
+ Quick sharing auto incoming outgoing call recorder 
+ Easy data synchronization
Download two side call recorder app, so you do not miss important calls.
Do not forget to support us by rating 5* for 2 Ways Call Recorder Automatic Pro high quality app.

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