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Summary: Real 3D Talking Cat Diana is here! Play, feed, talk with your new pet!

Updated: Mar 1, 2016
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What is Talking Cat Diana 3D for Android:
Developer: Roman Allen
Real 3D Talking Cat Diana is here!
Play, feed, talk with your new pet! There is a present for the cat - a toy in a form of heart!
And beautiful cake with hearts! Play the game with the cat which loves hearts and loves to play!
In this amazing game you can
* Talk with your kitty and she will repeat everything you say with a funny voice. 
* Pet the cat to make her purr. Just move your finger over her nose. Cat Diana loves to play.    Cat will do purr.
* Touch the cat and kitty will jump.
* Watch your kitty dancing her lovely song Jingle Bells!
* Give commands to pretty cat Diana to run around the room! Touch the floor anywhere and cat Diana will go there.
* Present different gifts to your kitty and have fun together!
* Express your love to her!
* Feed your kitty!
* There is a tasty and beautiful cake for cat Diana! you cat feed a cat! 
* And even check if your kitty afraid of CUCUMBER!
Have you seen funny videos how cats react on cucumber? This is really funny and amazing, isn't it?
Don't waste time!
Check what your new virtual pet will do if she see magical cucumber next to her!
Talking Cat is very funny. Talk to the cat - she will repeat!!
The cat dance is amazing - dancing cat is very funny as well!
This game is a great entertainment for the whole family! 3D Talking cat will make you laugh!
Move the finger over the cat and it will come to you and you will be able to stroke the cat and touch it.
Beautiful unique graphics, high quality models will bring you lot of fun and happy time with your new virtual pet!
Hurry up to download and play with Diana! She is waiting for you!
Absolutely FREE!
New versions of game with new features are coming soon! Please check for updates regularly.

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