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Summary: One Super Tool app with multi Utility feature. Check you Mobile Data/WIFI Downloading & Uploading Speed.

Updated: Mar 28, 2018
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What is 3G to 4G Converter-Prank for Android:
Developer: Quantum4U Lab Pvt. Ltd.
Support Email: feedback@quantum4u.in
Web Site: http://www.quantum4u.in/
You can also check hidden hardware information about your SIM & Phone, With Mobile Tracker you can track Caller details, Its a Free App with no Purchase.
Internet Speed Test - Speed Check makes it easy to test your internet upload & download speed. This is your best tool for internet speed test.
Unknown Caller Details - Through this option you can check the details of any unknown Mobile Number by simply typing its number in the given text box.
Network Provider
Mobile No.
SIM Details  SIM details is simple way to display some information about your sim card.
Operator name
SIM Number
Country ISO
SIM Operator Code
Device (Phone) Details  One tap to get the all information about your mobile handset.
IMEI Number
Device OS Name
Phone Resolution
Model Name
API Level
Hardware Info
Country ISO
Why 3G to 4G Converter
 Small APK Size.
 Free App with No InApps!
 No Extra Permission required
NOTE :- 3G to 4G Converter does not changes your device Hardware or Software configuration it simply a prank app though which you can make you friends fool by showing your 3G Phone works as 4G Speed.

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