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Summary: Airport Escape, an escape adventure game set in an airport

Updated: Jun 14, 2018
Category: airport, 100, adventure, brain, click, doors, escape, game, gates, puzzle, riddles, hostess, flight

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Developer: Pentawire
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A funny graphic adventure / escape game when the main goal is to get in time your flight and escape from the airport where you are. To find the solution of the game and be able to catch the airplane in time you must solve different riddles and puzzles, interact with characters in the game and find various hidden objects.
Collect items, combine them, use them in an original way and use your brain. Only in this way you will be able to go home and blow up the projects of your archenemy.
Airport Escape   has a more complex plot than similar games, and it's much more fun to play.
Can you arrive on time to the airplane? Good luck and have fun!
Airport Escape is the third episode of our escape game series, don't miss the other two episodes and the rest of the fun, download it for free from:
- Lab Escape (episode I)
- Castle Escape (episode II)
Game walkthrough here:;=1
The graphics and music in the game are all in the public domain.
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