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Summary: 100% Free, Small size, No Ads. TOP security protection with Call Recorder, junk cleaner, antivirus, speed Booster to keep your phone safe, fast and optimized, just like new.

Updated: Nov 13, 2017
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What is Alibaba Master for Android:
Developer: Alibaba
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Alibaba Master Highlights
 Small file size: Less than 3MB
 Free and No ads. 
 Call corder can record both sides of a conversation clearly both automatically or manually.
 Clean up junk files and memory cache, freeing up more space and boosting your phone's speed.
 With just one tap, the phone booster helps to speed up your phone by freeing up RAM.
 A fast virus scanner to protect your phone from viruses, malware and Trojans.
 3D touch Support : Quick shortcuts for Phone Booster and Call Recorder.
Detailed Features
Deeply clean your phone's system cache, residual junk files, ad junk, apk files and memory cache.
Clean up all the junk on your phone with just one tap, freeing up more space and boosting your phone's speed.
 Call Recorder
- Two recording modes (automatic and manual call recording) are supported.
- The App records both sides of the conversation clearly.
- Playback the recordings anytime and you'll never miss the important parts of a conversation again.
- Recorded calls are automatically stored in the INBOX list. You can move a recorded call to the IMPORTANT list by
tapping the star icon next to it.
- Select multiple recordings at the same time, delete or send them.
- Choose between low and high recording quality for different file sizes.
- Import previously recorded files from SD card. 
- Scan the installed Apps, memory card content and new Apps automatically.
- Detect and remove malware, spyware, or viruses that can harm or slow down your device.
 Phone Booster
- Boost your phone to get it running faster and smoother.
- Phone Booster allows you to efficiently utilize your phone's memory and speed up your device.
- Improve your phone's performance with just one tap on Booster button.
- The number of saved calls is limited only by your device's memory.
- Call recording is not allowed by law in some countries, so some devices may not be able to support this feature.
- To make sure that the call recorder works well, please turn off Bluetooth while recording.
If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could make our product better, feel free to contact us at:
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