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Summary: You are creating applications for Android, or just learn programming?

Updated: Feb 15, 2012
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Requirements: Android OS v 2.2 and up
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You are creating applications for Android, or just learn programming? You do not have at hand a computer, but always have a smart phone or tablet? Do not waste your time: working on your applications right on your Android. We offers a powerful editor java and xml-files with syntax highlighting and code completion option, easy integration with svn and the opportunity to build a complete application directly to the device with one button. For easy debugging of your application you have the ability to view logs of the device with the ability to filter and search.

You can use this application to work on his project on the road, getting files from svn, to quickly change them and upload to the repository. You can use this tool to quickly implement an idea that came to your mind when you do not have a computer. It is possible to create a working project template with a pair of buttons, compile and install it directly on the device. We plan to make this application a complete integrated development environment that can replace traditional IDE at the same time as the tablet and smartphone will replace him to a regular computer.

If you want to see in the next release any feature or modification, just vote for it directly in the application. The most popular option, we will implement as soon as possible. We value your opinion, with your help we will do really convenient development environment for Android.

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