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Summary: To overcome the tonsils problem let's play a game - Animal Tonsils Doctor!!

Updated: May 18, 2017
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Developer: GameiMax
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Kids always love to play games, but they get boring by playing same kind of games. So here GameiMax has arrived with their newly developed game Animal Tonsils 
Doctor. In this game all patients are cute little animals they suffered from tonsils problem. To overcome their problem let's play this game. You have to become a professional doctor and finish the tonsil treatment with proper tools. Kids will learn some basic tonsils treatment and use of medical tools.
Features included inside the game such as:
==> Mouth freshener for keep mouth fresh
==> Remove Germs by germs remover with effective sound and animation. 
==> Remove tonsil by giving injection 
==> Heal inner injury with cream
==> Water shower for clean the mouth
==> Make animal's picture colorful after finish tonsil treatment.
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