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Summary: This is the only app in market to share both app apk file or the link.

Updated: Jul 24, 2013
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Requirements: 1.5 or above
Downloads: 9687
What is Apkshare for Android:
Developer: devankit
Support Email: ankitthedev@gmail.com
App Share(ShareMyApps):-
This is the only app in market to share both app apk file or the link.
Share your favorite apps with your friends!
A fun and easy way to share the apps you love with your friends!
Have an app you love that you want to share with a friend? Share Apps lets you share apps that you have on your phone with a friend by sending them an email or text message about the app with a link included or sharing the whole apk file . Downloading is made easy by sending them directly to the app's page on the Android Market. It's the best way to tell a friend quickly about your apps!
Need help or have feedback? Email us at ankitthedev@gmail.com We'd love to hear from you.
Tap the app
*click on share link or share app.
Select how you would like to share it(message,bluetooth,email,gmail,WhatsApp(if WhatsApp is installed)or any other etc).
other features:-
1)Quick uninstall apps you dislike.
2)launch apps in one click.
7)two sort modes to sort alphabetically or by size.
8)Filtered system apps.
9)view the app on market directly with one click.
10)does one of your have updates check it with one click.
11)View installed app information.
12)view app size information.
13)extremely fast and simple app share.
14)  sharemyapps with one click.
15) send share and email applications with one click.
if the app force closes on your device or their is some kind of bug please mail me with your model number and android version and report problem with google play so that i can reply to you and solve your problem efficiently.

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