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Summary: This is a simple and lightening fast app manager.

Updated: Sep 13, 2012
Category: app manager, manager, explorer, appsaver, backup, cool, uninstaller, installer, share, apps2sd, movable, battery, fast, app2sd

Requirements: 1.5 or above,any screen size..
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Apk Manager Free App Description:
Developer: devankit
Support Email: ankitthedev@gmail.com
This is a simple and lightening fast app manager.
1)Quick uninstall apps you dislike.
2)launch apps in one click.
3)two sort modes to sort alphabetically or by size.
4)view the app on market directly with one click.
5)does one of your have updates check it with one click.
6)View installed app information.
7)view app size information.
8)extremely fast and simple.
9)show internal storage and free.
10)shows system apps.
11)cool ui.
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