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Summary: Contains 2017/18 fixture,ladder,results,game stats, allows tipping for each round. Also plays online radio stations, stream video, device audio/video files. Contains club songs audio and words.

Updated: Oct 15, 2018
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Developer: Walter Coppola
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Footy Aussie Rules predictor contains 2017 fixture, ladder,results,game stats, allows for tipping for each round ( allow for 3 ways to tip manual,app prediction,random selection). Prediction method can be altered via the settings screen.Allows for predictions by ladder selection,Home ground advantage per goals,X-Factor per goals i.e. change of coach, injured players or allow the app preform a random selection.
On each round selection tips will be suggested from the settings set. On individual games alter the settings and select the prediction button. Press the random button for a random select for the game.Game stats can be viewed for completed games via the stats view button. Fixture, tips, results can be exported and sent via email, sms etc.
OnLine Radio sports stations from around the world.Select a station, app will connect to the station via the connected internet service. Connection timeout limit can be set via settings options, if a station times out it will proceed to connect to the next station on the list.Click the music option to scan,display and play music files on the device. Click the radio button to cycle back to radio listing.Streams live radio (i.e. mp3,mp4,m3u8),music also play audio files from install device (automatically scanned and included).Play will stop and recommence for incoming/outgoing calls and lower for notifications. Also contains random number generator to win the Lotto!
Note : onLine Radio does use an internet connection.i.e. what ever your device is using Wifi or phone.
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