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Summary: Like Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and Mollywood, ATechnos brings and exclusive app for Indonesian movie and television industry to keep you updated and entertained so that you have entertainment on go on your phone wherever you go and don’t miss anything. From movies to songs to sitcom to series, from comedy to kids, from cooking to music to city life to the countryside, from urban infrastructure to landscape, from its seas to mystic rivers, from fine dining to street side lip-smacking food. So don’t wait and log into stores and download – BALIEYE right now.

Updated: Feb 25, 2018
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Hindi cinema, often metonymously referred to as Bollywood, is the Indian Hindi-language film industry, based in the city of Mumbai(formerly Bombay), Maharashtra, India, the same way how Hollywood which is based in Los Angeles, California. Linguistically, Bollywood films tend to use a colloquial dialect of Hindi-Urdu, or Hindustani, mutually intelligible to both Hindi and Urdu speakers, while modern Bollywood films also increasingly incorporate elements of Hinglish.
Indian cinema is the world's largest film industry in terms of film production, with an annual output of 1,986 feature films as of 2017, and Bollywood is its largest film producer, with 364 Hindi films produced annually as of 2017. Bollywood represents 43% of Indian net box office revenue, while Telugu and Tamil cinema represents 36%, and the rest of the regional cinema constitute 21%, as of 2014 Bollywood is thus one of the largest centres of film production in the world.In terms of ticket sales, Bollywood sells an estimated 3.6 billion tickets annually across the globe, compared to Hollywood's 2.6 billion tickets sold.
Soon the similar terms, we have got an app exclusive app for Indonesian cinematic content featuring- series, comedy, music, songs, landscape, hotels, lifestyle, kids and we have termed this app as  BALIEYE.
Though the cinema of Indonesia has a long history, the industry is developing and we would like to be a part of this growing industry where participation for media and broadcasting firm like  ATechnos would add value to promotion would lead this to where it is meant to be and can stand along the likes of many other western movie industries. 

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