Baseball Vs Zombies

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Summary: Create your fantasy baseball team and Kill these "Zombies Zombies Zombies"

Updated: Mar 18, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: Appon Software Pvt. Ltd.
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City is under effect of unknown virus converted whole city in to zombie land in one night. Now only survivor left in to the base ball stadium.  Now Zombies are marching towards the Base ball stadium. To save the mankind Base ball team of the city decided to Stand against these Zombies and stop them entering in to the Stadium.
Base ball vs. Zombies is a Survival type Free Defense game which featuring gigantic Zombies and Base ball player units are Hitter, Pitcher, Cheer Girls, ball machine and Coach. Use Gras cutter, Chopper as a Weapon and Team attack to kill the zombie mobs with ease. Get ready to defend the mankind
Just follow the instructions and defeat these zombies. Hit, Smash and kill Undead to save the survivors. Have a Joy of this Zombie game.
To know more watch the bellow YouTube video and share your Game experience on face book with your friends.
★ Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!
★ Indulging, intense game play.
★ Five different Player Units with Unique ability.
★ Six different buildings related to units.
★ Lots of different zombies to kill
★ Three awesome Power ups to ease your way of victory.
★ Upgrade player abilities.

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