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Summary: Enjoy real basketball shooting experience with Basketball Total Free Shot.

Updated: Jul 12, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS 4.2 or above
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What is Basketball Total Free Shot for Android:
Developer: DeCo Solutions
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Enjoy real basketball shooting experience with Basketball Total Free Shot.
Basketball Total Free Shot let you show off basketball shooting skills through freely controlling the strength and angle when shooting a basketball.
A lot of fun awaits you with different game modes:
Shoot from anywhere you like as show time or training for your shooting skills 
A series of challenges from Level 1 to 16 with different preset shooting positions and target goals. Your best FG% are recorded in each level. Level clears when meeting the target goals. 
Shoot around the key of the basketball court. Make all the shots with fewer trials as possible.
How to control in Basketball Total Free Shot.
The touchpad on the left: 
Touchdown and move for locating the rim.
The Shoot button on the right:
Press to shoot after locating the basket.
The joystick on the right(ONLY IN FREE SHOT MODE):
Hold down and move to go anywhere.
Challenge your shooting skills with Basketball Total Free Shot. You will know how strong your basketball skills are and your shooting skill can be trained. 
Other features include:
- no full page and no disturbing advertisements.
- nice graphic, simple and user-friendly interface.
- compatible with your mobile to tablets.
Possible updates in future: more levels and little basketball shooting games.
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Enjoy BasketBall Total Free Shot!

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