Black Dodger

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Summary: Black Dodger is here and you must help him to dodge his enemies!

Updated: Jan 9, 2018
Category: arcade, challenging, scalling

Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: skNat Games
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A dynamic arcade game, with upgrades and scaling difficulty. Test and improve your reflexes. Move, jump, slide and combine those skills to your advantage. You can download this game for free.
-Three types of movement: Jump, slide and down force.
-Four unique planets, each with nine levels, new enemies and different ways to dodge them.
-Six upgradable stats: Speed, jump, slide, luck, efficiency and life.
-Disable enemies that can't harm you but will change your movement.
-Three types of treasures which give a different power up. More jumping power, more speed or invicibility for a certain amount of time.
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