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Summary: The best block breaking game. Free, fun, challenging. Can you beat level 20?

Updated: Jul 24, 2018
Category: fire up, game, free, fun, action, shooting, shooter, block blaster

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Developer: Jaden Lin
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Do you enjoy fire up type of games? Do you like challenges? Do you like pew pew pew?
Block Blaster is a game where you control your square and shoot at enemy squares that rain down on you.
- New Enemy: squares that shoot back at you in a variety of ways. Drops gold and healing items.
- HP System: you no longer lose the game in 1 hit.
- Stages: allows you to take on the challenge bit by bit
- Boosters: allows you to power up your square during a game. Unlock new boosters to be super 
- Bosses: waiting for you to discover. You can't get past without destroying it.
- Free to play
- Simple and easy control: your square is under your finger
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