Tetris Party In Childhood

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Summary: Classic and fun tetris game,full-surprised for Christmas !

Updated: Dec 23, 2013
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Requirements: 2.1 and later
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What is Tetris Party In Childhood for Android:
Developer: Hefei Pride Animation Information Technology Co.Ltd
Support Email: haomanhf@gmail.com
Classic and fun puzzle game,full-featured for FREE!
 Tetris,Tangram,still remember these childhood games? This classic but creative game--Block Story won't let you down.it's inspired by Tetris and Tangram.The goal is to place as many boxes as possible so as to fill the stage.
-fresh & simplified game play
- streamlined UI & visual themes
- abundant clues and progressive difficulty
- rich level  & super long game time
-  record global high scores and star ratings 
"  It keeps classic shapes of regular blocks, but presented in 3D form which is very interesting and attractive. Way easier said than done. The graphics and animations were sufficient to the game play.  ."
Editor Picked by AppEggs.com
" it's something different and fresh, which is highly appreciated.both addressed to kids and adults.a recommended matching tetris game for those who don't want to play the same old games over and over again."
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