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Summary: To. people who feel the tiredness about very quick-run game or fly shooting game that requires quickness.

Updated: Aug 18, 2014
Category: flight, fly, run, shooting game, bomb, run game, adballoon

Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: chizinteractive
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It's fly shooting game..
How long will you have to rub?
Impact feel OK! Thrill OK! Exciting?? O~~K!!
Rediscovery of fly shooting game!!
▶ Game Mode
1. Just 1mile more fly! [Stage Mode]
- From 1mile to 100mile! Stage consists of 100.
- Collect all the many stars to clear each stage mission.
2. How far can you fly? [Endless Mode]
   - Take flight as far as possible by earn fuel.
   - Flight brings charming you with its very own visual style and offbeat sense of enemy.
▶ Game Features
1. Unique Ballooncraft!!
- Lets take adventure with unique ballooncraft that has the expert skill.
- Decorate your ballooncraft with various decal.
2. Find the best character of ballooncraft!
- When you match the ballooncraft with the perfect character of that, 
your craft's ability will be automatically upgraded!!
3. Unrivaled ground unit!
- Try to summon a ground unit that destroy all of the enemy, obstacles and rescue hostage by earn all the crazytime words.
4. Collection book
 - Depending on the result of the flight you can earn badges, trophies, medals.
These can be checked the collection book!
Lets Play NOW~!!
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