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Summary: Struggling to access your apps while driving? CarMode is the answer!

Updated: Oct 13, 2010
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Requirements: Android OS | Min. Screen Size: 320x480 | Best Viewed in MDPI devices
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What is CarMode for Android:
Developer: Nidus Network
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*New Update as of 10/10/2010*

Struggling to access your apps while driving? CarMode is the answer! CarMode is an app that shows a clean interface with decent sized buttons which directs you to apps that are useful especially when driving. By using this app, you get distracted less compared to waking your phone, opening your app drawer, etc. So try it today! * At the moment, CarMode is in Alpha phase. What you see today does not reflect how it will look like and work in the future. With help from the community by giving their comments and suggestions, we can make this app even better!

Looks best with MDPI devices (320x480 resolution, e.g. Droid Eris).

Here are some apps/redirections that you can use with CarMode:
* Dialer
* Messages
* Call logs
* Shazam
* Navigation
* Voice Search
* Contacts
* Music
* Maps
* Display
* Settings
* Notes - opens a built-in note-taker with save and load features.


Where-did-I-park? feature Be able to set apps to open by default, 3rd party apps (Dialer One, Handcent, etc) Add more tools, options Fix layout for HDPI devices Auto-fill when hiding apps Fix landscape layout Choose own apps to launch


v3 October 10: Changed theme Removed button sets (temporary) Added more buttons Reworked layout Added a persistent option to hide/show buttons

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