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Summary: Casino Roulette have new exciting way of BETING.

Updated: Dec 15, 2011
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Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: Call Planets
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CasinoRoulette is quite similar to Russian Roulette with some NEW FUN !......

It have new exciting way of BETING.

In this game you have to firstly spine the Roulette Wheel by pressing on the play button . Roullete generate one random number. Then you need to sure some bet upon this number.Now check your luck by opening any coin given on the left .

If you find the same no. coin then you win and got some money .The amount you got is multiple of betting amount and the dollar you matched .We also add some surprises like when ever you got star u got 200$ , diamond 500$ and 100$ bonus .

In the same way there is some losses for you like when ever blue smiley or red smiley come it will deduct your 200$ or 500$ .

For next bet press play again button .

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