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Summary: Cawice turns your old phone into Home Security Camera 3G/WiFi

Updated: Mar 13, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS
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What is Cawice for Android:
Developer: Cawice
Support Email:
Web Site:
 No Ads
 Ready to use within 2 mins
 Live Streaming Video
 Remote control
 Wireless connection (3G/4G or WiFi)
 Confidential (Peer to Peer connection)
 Secure (encrypted SSL)
 Thrifty and Eco-friendly

How does it works?

Download Cawice application on the Old phone you want to use as security camera. Download Cawice application on your Daily phone to watch in live your new security camera. When prompted, select the Google Drive (Cloud) folder where you want to save your camera's photo and video recordings.

Pairing and Powering

Log In with the same Gmail account on both phones. Use the original cableprovided when purchasing your phone or its equivalent to connect your camera to a power source.

To keep an eye on :

Your home Your kids Your pet Your shop or office Your student room Your secondary residence Your babysitter... and more !


HD Quality Video Photo and Video Capture Two-Way Talking Motion and Sound Detection Detection Area Automatic Record Instant Notifications Siren Alarm Flashlight and Night Filter Sharing Options Saving mode (black screen)

Download Cawice free for your Android phone

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