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Summary: Educate your little child about different safety rules and learn to be safe

Updated: Jun 19, 2017
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In today's life, it's very important for children to know the basic rules of safety. So GameiMake creates a latest safety rules game for children. This game educates your little child about safety. In the first scene, a kid's hand got injured because of boiling water so now you must cure it by putting a hand in cold water. In this game also included lots of other safety rules like boy has slept on the wet floor so please cure boy's injury. In the other view of the game, you will learn about not to get into the deep water if you don't know how to swim. In the last scene of this kids basic rules of safety game, we teach you that don't play on the road as the accident may take place and you can get injured.
- Teach children basic rules of safety rules to your child
- Great learning experience for child's about basic injuries
- Very easy to play this child basic rules of safety game
- Explained how to cure the various injuries
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