Christmas Matching Object and Pair Making Game

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Summary: Increase your concentration in a fun way with this matching object for kids game

Updated: Dec 7, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS
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Christmas Matching Object and Pair Making Game Free App Description:
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Matching Objects for Kids game is an easy and unique way to learn and memorize Alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, Fruits/Vegetable names, Animal/Birds names, vehicle names and also associate objects with them. By playing this Matching objects game, kids will be able to understand a new concept of education with different learning options like improve memory skills, find hidden object skills, cognitive skills and much more. Keep matching objects and complete this one of the best kids memory game.
This educational and fun matching game keeps your toddlers entertained while improving their phonics skills.
Perform tons of Different Matching Objects Levels:
* Put the objects in correct place
* Match the similar things together
* Find the missing shape
* Match the words with respective shapes
* Find all the tools and place it in the correct place
* Place the items as per the shadow
* Find the matching objects using your memory skills
* Identify shapes from pictures
* Drag the name of the body parts and put in the correct place
* Drag the alphabets and learn the names of animals, Sounds Instruments and much more
* Match the Picture to the correct shadow
Key Features of Learning Game:
* Designed and developed for the preschool kids
* Perfect Matching Game for Kids
* Improve various Learning Skills - Number learning, Shape learning, Body Parts learning, color learning
* Join object using your skills
* Develop your concentration through this memory activity game
* Interactive designs & sounds to make playing fun
* Lots of interesting game levels
* Use Hints to easy your playing
* Simple and easy to understand game
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