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Summary: Brightest LED flash light & powerful multi color stroboscope!

Updated: Mar 6, 2018
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Chroma Flashlight is a FREE, simple and tiny app that instantly turns your android device into a super-bright LED Torch.

Chroma Flashlight also uses your device's display as light source. You can adjust the light color, brightness and frequency of strobe as per your needs by using simple controllers. SOS, strobe/blinking options are available in both LED flash light mode and Screen light mode.

Chroma Flashlight, some useful situations

* Get quick light when the power supply breaks at night
* Light up the dark room
* Read books in the dark
* Light the way while walking in the street at night
* Search the key under furniture


* Simple and quick
* Customizable themes
* Instantly turns on LED flash on app launch
* Two light sources, LED Flash and Screen light
* SOS signal when you need help
* LED Strobe/blinking mode with adjustable frequency
* Colorful strobe/blinking screen light with adjustable frequency
* Screenlight can be used as a bed lamp at night with variety of colors and adjustable brightness
* Quickly switch between flashlight and Screenlight, or use two light sourses at the same time
* Flashlight works in the background mode and stays turned on even if you press the lock button
* Notification alert when the flashlight is in background mode
* Tiny elegant home screen widget lets you quickly turn on/off without launching the app
* Battery level indicator
* More customizable options
* Supports a variety of android devices

Chroma Flashlight Highlights

Strobe and SOS options

Even if you use flash light mode or screen light mode, you can use stobe and SOS options in the same way.

Screen Light

Incase you fail to open LED flashlight or your device doesn't support led flash, it uses screenlight with full brightness as a light source. You can adjust the brightness just by dragging a seekbar left or right, similarly you can adjust the light color just by dragging color seekbar.

Customizable theme

You can change the switch type and background from settings.

Sliding panel menu

For simplicity, all the buttons except main button are hidden in the home screen. Just drag the sliding panel from bottom to show more options.

Why these permissions?

Camera and flashlight

Flashlight is part of camera. Inorder to use flashlight, app requires access to camera settings. Write settings

To adjust screen brightness, app needs access to write settings. Internet

Chroma Flashlight is a free app, we use a small portion of your screen to show ads, that requires internet permission.
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