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Summary: Theme of this widget is cigarette smoking . Battery Widget looks like real cigarette. Battery level is displayed as a percentage on the structure of the widget

Updated: Jan 16, 2014
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Requirements: Android OS
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Cigarette Real Widget Battery Free App Description:
Developer: androidmam
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If you like to smoke tobacco you must have it.
This fun widget will be ideal for you.
Widget looks great on any wallpaper.
Remember, in most countries, smoking cigarettes is legal for adults only.
To add this widget to your home screen :
1 . tap and hold on the free space
2 . choose Add Widgets
3 . touch Cigarette Battery Indicator
4 . That's it!
Tap Cigarette Battery Indicator for more information on the battery.
Below you can find additional information battery check box .
Here you can set :
1 . Information on the battery level in the notification bar .
2 . Of information displayed on the screen.
3 . Battery level text on the widget.
This battery indicator light is really free and does not consume battery.
Widgets have some useful features such as:
- On-screen information about the current battery level .
- When you press the widget icon, you can get more information about the battery such as:
temperature, voltage , health , technology and current status .
This application is supported by advertising. The permissions are for the ads .
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