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Summary: The Android App for the remote control of your Smartphone.

Updated: Oct 17, 2016
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CmcApp is an app for Android devices with which you can remotely control your mobile phone by receiving the data on your Gmail Account.
CmcApp, thanks to the many extensive features, it lends itself to multiple uses.

The geographic localization is useful in case of loss or theft of the mobile phone . In addition, in case of theft, you can block all incoming and outgoing calls.

Blocking all calls is also useful if you lend your phone to someone else and you dont want this person to make or receive calls.

With the planning of audio recordings you can leave your phone in a suitable location for recording lectures , courses, meetings etc ... receiving audio files almost in real time on your Gmail mailbox . Similarly, you can control your home , your car or any property, leaving the phone and listening to the recordings that it sends .
You can control that your children be protected from dangers such as school violence , extortion , drugs, pedophilia , just to name a few.

Its possible to have a backup of phone records , text messages , phone book and history of visited web pages . It is also possible to have an audio backup of all incoming and outgoing calls ( or just the ones that interest us ) made from your phone.

CmcApp will then send all the collected data (audio files, geographical position of your mobile phone, etc...) to your Gmail account.

All these functions can be started via Web ( by connecting to your Control Panel) or via SMS .

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