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Summary: Color Neighbors is a simple free game for the blocks games fan's.

Updated: Jun 1, 2018
Category: game, puzzle, pull, down, blocks, color, squares

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Developer: I.F.
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Color Neighbors is a 'classic blocks game' like game but it has an important difference: you must place same colored squares alongside, how the number of these square neighbors will be at least a certain number of squares by the difficulty level.
In easy mode you need to build a shape by 5 same colored squares, in moderated by 6 and in hard by 7.
As if you build a shape, then it will disappear and spaces also will disappear.
Try how it works!
The demo option will show you how to play the Color Neighbors.
You can control the falling blocks by touch icons below. These control icons are: 
left arrow - move left, 
right arrow - move right, 
down arrow - speed up,
turn arrow - turn clockwise the block.
save/load game state [save available when tap on pause]
Landscape oriented playing support added. [switch in OPTIONS menu]
New features:
Privacy policy consent has added

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