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Summary: Well-designed level and impressive graphics.

Updated: Feb 2, 2017
Category: strategy game, single game, casual puzzle, action adventure, small game

Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: garlic
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Welcome to this colorful world! The Color Split Match is a one-touch arcade, and you have to press a jump ball.
Colorful balls pass only with obstacles of the same color. Collect all stars to collect points.
If you experience the wrong color, then the circle ends. So strategy!
- How to play -
 Support Tablet PC
 You can not use the same color of the color of the ball through each obstacle.
 jump up the ball,connection obst.
 Pass it through the same pattern as the ball on each obstacle.
 Avoid touching different colors. You can only use the same color of the color of the ball through each obstacle.
 More stars collect the high scores you get.
- Features -
 Color Split Match with high-definition graphics
 Impressive color mode.
 easy to play, difficult to grasp
 The explosion frenzy crushed
If you are a color cross fan, you are immediately hooked on this addictive game
Colorful flying planets are perfect for killing time, for recreation, for training the brain, and for connecting with family and friends.
It is a game that you will feel frustrated if you are stuck but you will continue to play for hours until you beat the high score.
The loop then restarts at the next level. Resistance is futile! Challenge your friends in an exciting color wheel game.
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