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Summary: Icon Pack contains 2400+ Icons for mobile phones and tablets

Updated: Jul 18, 2018
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Requirements: Requires Android 4.0.3 and above Recommended Launcher: Nova Launcher
Downloads: 35
Colorful Nbg Icon Pack Free App Description:
Developer: Ronald
Support Email:
Icon Pack contains 2400+ Icons for mobile phones and tablets, click on "See More" at the bottom of the page or search for "Ronald Dwk" for more icon packs, there are over 300 icon packs both free & paid to choose from in different colors, shapes and designs. Enjoy
Compatible with the following Launchers:
Action Launcher
ADW Launcher
Apex Launcher
Atom Launcher
Aviate Launcher
GO Launcher
Holo Launcher
Holo Launcher HD
Lucid Launcher
M Launcher
Mini Launcher
Next Launcher
Nougat Launcher
Nova Launcher
Smart Launcher
Solo Launcher
V Launcher
ZenUI Launcher
Zero Launcher
ABC Launcher
Evie Launcher
Fully Compatible but not Included in Apply Section: Apply via your Launcher
Arrow Launcher
ASAP Launcher
Cobo Launcher
Line Launcher
Mesh Launcher
Peek Launcher
Z Launcher
Open Launcher
Flick Launcher
Launch by Quixey Launcher
Partially Compatible:
+HOME: Only supports +HOME icon picker, need to apply icons manually (Tap and hold then edit).
Turbo Launcher: Only supports Turbo Launcher icon picker, need to apply icons manually (Tap and hold then edit).
NOTE: I have tested on the above launchers, there might be more supported launchers which hasn't been tested yet.
Note: Some Launchers require to change some icons Individually
How To Change Icons Individually
1.Hold down the specific icon and release it, then a small pop-up will appear.
2.It will allow you to change the icon and the name. 
3.Select the icon, this will show your icon packs, select Cnbg IconPack and choose your favourite icon, Built-in Search Feature within the App.
 Icon Requests: Use the in-app feature or e-mail below 
 30 Cloud Based Wallpapers
 FAQS section in app
 Icon Previews in app
 App Light and Dark theme
 Firebase Cloud Messaging (Update Notifications)
 Apply Icon Pack from within the App or via your Launcher
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