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Summary: Get essential Yoga instruction, exercises, poses, meditation and more

Updated: Jan 9, 2018
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What is Complete Yoga Guide - Exercises, Poses and more for Android:
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Complete Yoga Guide is your all in one Yoga app from beginner to advanced yoga. Get the very latest yoga videos and information here in this app. As new Yoga techniques are added to the world, they are updated in this app through videos, websites and other ways. Learn yoga for weight loss, meditation, poses, exercises, Biikram yoga, kids yoga as well as yoga techniques from top instructors. You don't have to look around everywhere to find information about Yoga. What you're looking is all right here in this app. Watch videos on how to perform all yoga exercises, poses, breathing, stretching and more to enjoy now.
You will find:
* Tutorials how to start yoga for beginners and kids yoga
* Videos with the top yoga instructors
* Easy to use interface
* Optimized for All Android Phones, Tablets and Kindle Devices
* Questions, How to's, and answers for everything Yoga
Here is a peek of more of what's inside:
- How to use yoga for healing of your whole body
- How to schedule 10, 30, 45 minute daily yoga routines
- How to do poses and perform latest yoga techniques to burn belly fat
- Learn morning, bedtime and office yoga
Yoga Techniques inside:
Kundalini Yoga 
Hatha Yoga 
bikram yoga 
Surya Namaskar Yoga 
Vinyasa Yoga 
Namaste Yoga 
Power Yoga 
And much more. Download FREE today. 
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