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Summary: Group Contact Manager is a Andorid software used to manage contact groups.

Updated: Jan 24, 2011
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Requirements: 2.0
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What is Contact Group Manager free for Android:
Developer: DWP
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Contact Group Manager for the management group and find contacts.
Grouping a number of ways:
* manually create a group
* grouped by organization
* grouped by title
You can send Email & SMS to these groups and set group ringtones.
Find a variety of ways:
* Name
* Organization
* Title
* Now you can search almost all fields (birthday, name, phone number, organization, notes, address, Email, relationships, websites, etc.)
Including voice search

Sync Gmail contact group (need to first create the group and synchronize again. and then add the contact to this group)
Groups firewall (you can customize the intercept time and day of week)
Desktop shortcut group
Group icon
Contact birthday show in support of the Lunar
Contact relations view, click on tab to quickly switch between organizations and groups
Laminated display sub-group support
Change the name of the group the following format:
Business. Customer
Business. Customer. VIP
Business. Supplier
English "." separating the name of group can form multi-layer group.
More features, please download experience.
We listen to your suggestions, and continuous improvement.
If you find software error, please contact me. I will correct the error as soon as possible. When a contact order chaos, if you are not using the default contact name sorting. Should be because "some of the contacts" do not save the first and last names separately. Go to "Edit Contact screen" check.
If you upgrade to new version, there can not boot. Please try to uninstall and reinstall.
If you do not want the software running in the background, turn off the "firewall" and "show organization information" option. Thanks!
Enable move applications to the SD card (which may result in "Android 2.0" is not available. Please use the Android 2.0 user backup first)

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Group Contact Manager is a Andorid software used to manage contact groups. Group Contact Manager is a Andorid software used to manage contact groups.

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