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Summary: Creating a professional resume has never been this easy! To create a great looking resume can be quite a task but that is now in the past with our new Online resume maker.

Updated: Sep 12, 2018
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An employer on average looks for 5 seconds at a resume. Why? For the person that has to hire you, the hiring process often is a lot of work. The whole process of reviewing applications, selecting the right candidates involves a lot of papers, long stories, a lot of the same stuff. It can be tricky job for them.
CV5 offers a lot of professionally designed resume templates / layouts and an easy to understand app. This combination makes it easy for you to leave a great first impression and show your potential employer you are the best candidate.
You might be asking yourself what a resume template / layout actually is. Templates / layouts usually are used by online platforms that give you the possibility to setup a website without any knowledge of Webdesign. A resume template can be compared to this. A lot of the work to make it look good is already done. You just fill in your personal details, pick that template you like and thats it.
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