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Summary: App for quick distance measurement. Turn your phone into a distance measurement tool. Measure distance using phone screen, camera or GPS.

Updated: Jan 20, 2015
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What is Distance Measurement for Android:
Quick distance calculator or measurement using:-
1. Screen (for small object)
2. Camera (short distance)
2. GPS/Network (long distance)
A) How to calculate using Screen:-
1. Put the object on your phone's screen
2. Drag the button to start measurement
B) How to calculate distance using Camera:-
1. Hold up your phone and estimate the phone's distance from ground.
2. Then aim the camera at the object which you want to calculate the distance.
3. The app will then automatically calculate the distance between you and the other object.
4. You must aim at the BOTTOM of the object. (Eg: If a building, aim at the bottom of the building. If people, aim at the feet. If a car, aim at the tyre)
5. ROTATE the phone when you try to aim the target. DO NOT move the phone UP/DOWN from the phone's height which you have specified earlier.
6. Tap the screen to stop the calculation or re-tap to continue.
c) How to measure distance using GPS/Network:-
1. Get the coordinates when you are at Location A.
2. Then move/walk/drive to Location B and get the second coordinates.
3. When you have the coordinates for both locations, the app will auto calculate the distance.
The app will first try to get the coordinates using GPS. If not available, it will use the Network. Accuracy and speed will depend on the provider.
This app can only act as an estimator or for quick calculation. It will not give you 100% accuracy.
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