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Summary: Stop here and make your own avatar one of the best Android Avatars in the world! Droid Dress up, one of those cool dress up games is all you need to have fun for hours.

Updated: Jun 10, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Downloads: 207
What is Droid Dress Up for Android:
Developer: Good Sound App
Support Email: milos_krstic@rocketmail.com
Web Site: http://goodsoundsapps.wordpress.com/
Stop here and make your own avatar one of the best Android Avatars in the world! Droid Dress up, one of those cool dress up games is all you need to have fun for hours. 
If you are looking for top mobile android games, then this fun game is a great choice for you and your smartphone. The best thing when this free app is in question is that it is a multipurpose game  it is android maker of avatars and popular game of clothing. Firstly, it is a dress up game. And when we say dress up game, we really mean it. Once you download it, you will see that there is an option for you to choose whether you want a male or a female droid. We do not want anybody to say that this is just one more dress up game for girls, because it isnt. We believe that boys also like to be dressed with style, to feel the dress up rush and thats why this is also one of those rare high-quality dress up games for boys. Regardless of your choice, youll get the following  dressing an Android boy or Android girl in clothes you personally choose. The number of different outfit combinations goes beyond the scope of our story here.
Secondly, this new game is suitable for people of all ages. The warm colors and eye-appealing graphics as well as user-friendly interface make this cool educational game a game for toddlers and kids, and also a preschool game, whereas distinct clothing styles and multiple different options put this game in the category of games for adults. 
Thirdly, this is also in a way an avatar creator app. Once you dress up your android, you will see there is an option for you to export your personalized avatars. You can send it to your e-mail and use it as your Avatar for forums, blogs, different virtual games, for Facebook profile picture etc. This is how this android maker is at the same time avatar creator. 
Dress up games for girls and boys, all in one are hard to find, and that is why you should use the opportunity and download this popular game for android! With the help of this avatar builder app you can see how it feels to become that tiny green robot we all love so much. 
The process of design your own avatar used to be a very challenging task, but now this app has made things a lot easier. Now everyone has a great variety of choices just one click away. Your personalized droid can have long or short, curly or straight hair, can be with either fair or dark tan, he droid can wear jeans and she droid can wear a skirt or vice versa. Change everything you can and that is  skin color, hairstyle, accessorizes, T-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, hats and shoes. Its all up to you! Make a huge android dress up party, invite your friends and make avatars!

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