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Summary: As the upgraded version of EARTH 2037, the game EARTH2037-2 is a new generation classic mobile game which combines Wars Strategy.

Updated: Apr 20, 2013
Found in: star war games, 2037, earth 2037, rising sun kindom, hawk horde, human alliance

Requirements: Requires Android: 1.6 and up
Downloads: 1864
What is Earth 2037-2 for Android:
Developer: Aungame
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2037-2 is a SLG network game. While offering wonderful PVE, it enhances PVP part, which will let players who love alliance battles get great fun. Earth 2037-2 includes various aspects such like military, diplomacy, science and technology. Players could select camps like Human Alliance (Both in attack and defense), Rising Sun (Powerful defense) and sharp Hawk Horde. These three camps have their own troops plus their own features and strong points. Especially in an alliance battle, the troops will play different roles.
In PVP settings, the game offers perfect failure protection, so you will not feel upset when one battle was lost. Fast recovery of the wounded troops and speedy building repairing help you establish wonderful power system.
Sparkle features of Earth 2037-2:
-	Specially developed for Android players
-	Smooth and accurate game screen
-	Low power consumption and calorific value
-	Simple interface and easy operations
-	Troops in 3 camps have restriction for another
-	Versatile teamwork to completely display your wisdom
-	Perfect failure protection
-	Compatible with Android 1.6 and later 

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