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Summary: Give this matching the object game to your kids & increase their matching skill

Updated: Jun 12, 2018
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Requirements: Requires Android 4.0 and up
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Match The Object name itself illustrate the game. In this Educational Matching the Objects - Memory Game, you need to match two similar or relative objects. GameiMake has made this learning game to educate the kids in a unique way. We have covered lots of areas of education for little kids.
Educational Matching the Objects game's purpose is to provide a specific technique to give educational knowledge to kids. It is an easy and unique concept of finding the matching pair for each object. There are various objects available in this educational game like number, letters, shapes, animals, pattern and many more. We have provided some fun activities like matching an uppercase and lowercase letter, picture counting, filling the missing word, the pairing of alphabet letter and pictures, joining object with object's name and many more. The game involves every area to explore a little kid's mind. By playing this object matching game, kids will improve their mental skills and they will develop some unique techniques like shape identifying skill, experimental skill, matching skill and also thinking pattern of co-relation between two objects.
Features of Match The Object Game:
- Match the similar things together
- Fill the missing character
- Identify shadow and place the object
- Connect the animal picture with starting word
- Join alphabets with objects
- Match the colours with pictures
- Pair uppercase and lowercase letter
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