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Updated: Oct 18, 2017
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It is a simple Dictionary which translates English to Hindi and Hindi to English words!
Few words about Dictionary: A dictionary is not only a book with hundreds of pages and illustrations but a medium of learning in humans. A question may arise that how a dictionary stands apart from fiction, classic books and what not instead of being written by a human like other books? This book named dictionary has a finesse of vocabulary and can help a human receipt a virtue of a list of lot many words with their meanings and usage to make their word power more strong. If a human wants to achieve success in his life, he needs to make books his chaperone and the dictionary should be the one. Other books may also help him but a dictionary is the most helpful book to endure a human language. A good use of words and sentences is the identity of a person who has mastered a language. This book has its own features; and if used by a human frequently; it can make a human actually flamboyant. By reading all this we can definitely say that it implicitly stands apart from other kind of books like fiction , classics which are being written by writers in order to beguile readers with new and imaginary fiction and characters . All these things are used by a writer as a condiment for a book written by him to increase its TRP. Al this needs a finesse that is a delicate skill ; which can be gained from an intuitive understanding of words, and from where does the knowledge of words and vocabulary comes? That is dictionary. It means a dictionary is partially or implicitly involved in the development of a personality.
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