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Summary: Simple notes of fabric manufacturing for textile engineering.

Updated: May 6, 2017
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Developer: Namita singh
Simple notes of fabric manufacturing  for textile engineering. It almost cover important topics chapter wise
Chapter 1. Objects of sizing	
1.	Objects of sizing		
2.	Slasher Sizing Machine		
3.	Measuring and marking motion		
4.	Fabric Manufacturing		
5.	Viscosity		
6.	Stretch and tension control
Chapter 2. Single end sizing	
1.	Features and application		
2.	Man-made Reservoirs		
3.	Blends		
4.	Continuous filaments and textured yarn.		
5.	Production efficiency
Chapter 3. Principles of weaving	
2.	Primary, Secondary an Auxiliary motions		
3.	Shedding , its various types and devices,		
4.	Normal, Early and late shedding,
Chapter 4. Pickin classification	
1.	Mechanism of Over and Under pick motions		
2.	Picking tappets		
4.	Beat-up sley movement		
5.	Sley eccentricity		
6.	Timing diagram of primary motions
Chapter 5. Classification of take-up motion
1.	5 and 7 wheel take-up motion		
2.	Negative let-off motion		
3.	Causes of pick spacing variation
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