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Summary: Facebook Sync for Android copies your friends profile photos into your phones address book.

Updated: May 29, 2010
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Requirements: Android
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What is Facebook Sync for Android:
Developer: fbsync
Facebook Sync for Android copies your friends profile photos into your phones address book. It matches names automatically based on name similarities. It's easy to use, just run it and press the button. It's best to be connected via WiFi when you do this, as transferring the photos can take a long time.

Note: Matches can be made purely on the basis of first name, if you keep the "Allow first name only matches" checkbox ticked. Facebook Sync understands nicknames, so only use this mode if you have a lot of overlap between your address book and Facebook friends. Otherwise somebody called "Bob" will get matched to "Robert Smith" even if they are not actually the same person.

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Facebook Sync for Android copies your friends profile photos into your phones address book.

Questions and answers

1. Is this an official Facebook application?
No, it's not associated with Facebook Inc in any way.

2. I uninstalled the app but the photos are still there!
As noted in its description, Facebook Sync copies photos from Facebook into your address book. It doesn't store the photos itself, so, uninstalling won't make them go away. To remove a photo that wasn't properly matched or that you don't like:

* Open the contacts app
* Select the contact with the bad photo
* Press menu, press edit
* Press menu again, press "Remove icon"

Alternatively, you can enable contacts sync then use www.google.com/contacts to edit the contacts from your computer.

3. I uninstalled then reinstalled and now it doesn't work!
Version 1 of the app kept track of which photos came from Facebook and which came from elsewhere with a database that got deleted when the app was uninstalled. To fix this, you'll have to use the "Replace pre-existing photos" option. Version 2 stores the database on your SD card, so you can uninstall the app and it'll still remember later, as long as you don't remove the database from the SD card. After using the "Replace pre-existing photos" option once, you can disable it again.

4. Can it copy phone numbers and email addresses?
Unfortunately, right now it's just photos. Facebook forbids the export of email addresses and phone numbers for privacy reasons. Obviously this limits the apps usefulness, although I hope that if address book photos become widespread Android apps will start taking advantage of them more than they do today.

5. Why did some of my friends not copy?
Probably due to their privacy settings, learn more.

6. How do I update the photos?
Run the app again.

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