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Summary: Find Qibla Direction to Find Out the Accurate Direction of Kaaba, Prayer Timings of Your Current Location !!

Updated: Dec 4, 2014
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Requirements: Android OS
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What is Find Qibla Direction for Android:
Developer: Quran Reading
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If you are some Muslim who frequently travels across the country or around the globe, then Find Qibla Direction is the sort of android Application, which will relieve you from several prayer time hassles. 
The app has several features that beneficial and guides you accurately.  Listed below are its features:
Find Direction of Qibla  As the name suggests, the app is to locate the right direction of Qibla towards which Muslims offer their prayers. When you need knowing the right direction of Qibla or Kaaba, just switch on the app and the compass will move towards the right direction. The bonus point of this feature is that it works equally well even if you do not have internet access.
Besides, the main Qibla Finding Feature, the App tells:
1- Distance from Kaaba
2- Automatically detects your current location
3- Displays prayer timings on your current location
4- Allows you to set adhan alarm
Note  The application also has web presence viz QiblaNow. You can visit to find direction of Qibla online.

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