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Summary: Try to explode launched fireworks, firecrackers, rockets by touching them in time, but be careful with the funny clown because touching it will result end of the firework.

Updated: Jun 5, 2014
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Requirements: Android OS
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What is Firework Game Circus HD for Android:
Developer: Tubi Games
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We all love fireworks and now you can play with them safely on your mobile phone anywhere, any time. Test your reflex and touching speed in this arcade game.
Enjoy Firework game on your mobile as we have given you the best firework crackers in this app.
Fireworks explosion sound rockets, bombs, firecrackers in the New Year!
With lots of bangs, whooshes, crackles and of course fireworks this is a fantastic little app that you can play on your own. Don't forget to compare your best score with your friends, compete with them and check whos the best!
- Tap on dazzling fireworks, bombs, rockets to explode
- Dozens of colorful firework shapes and effects
- Dynamic and realistic sound effects
- Fireworks are created randomly with physics applied to each particle
- Every firework game show is different
- Local high scores

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