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Summary: The most bright and beautiful flashlight of all free flashlight apps. If you don't believe me look at the screenshots!

Updated: Aug 23, 2013
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What is Flashlight - Free for Android:
Developer: gabenative
Support Email: support@gabenative.com
Web Site: http://gabenative.com
This flashlight is completely free (ad-supported) has a bright light and starts fast. The user interface is elegant, simple and the most beautiful of all flashlight apps. It took more than 315 hours to develop, design and update this flashlight till now, because we pay attention to every detail! Download it now, because you never know when you might need a flashlight.


+ Very bright light
+ Starts really fast. 1.3 seconds (from phone), 1.6 seconds (from sdcard). Tested on a HTC Wildfire S
+ Extremely fast On-Off light toggling
+ High resolution (HD) display support
+ Uses the camera flash led as light source, unlike some other flashlight apps.
+ Most beautiful, simple and elegant user interface of all flashlight apps
+ SDCard installation support
+ Developed very well and clean


This flashlight does a lot of things better than other flashlight apps. It does not install spyware or change your internet browser homepage or search engine. This flashlight does not install unwanted shortcut icons on your home screen and it does not install automatically starting services that drain the battery. This flashlight uses the camera flash led as light source and is therefore much brighter than flashlight apps that use the display instead as light source.


Network communication, Full Internet access:
This permission is needed by the flashlight to be able to download ads from the internet. The ads are the only income stream of the developers of this really nice flashlight, so please dont block them.

System tools, Prevent phone from sleeping:
This permission is needed by the flashlight to prevent the device to go into sleep mode, because otherwise the camera flash led would go off automatically.

Hardware controls, Take pictures:
This permission is necessary, because this flashlight uses the camera flash led as light source that can only be accessed over the camera. On some devices its necessary to use advanced features (e.g. auto-focus) in order get the led working. Dont worry, no pictures are taken!

Hardware controls, Control flashlight:
This flashlight needs this permission to control the light of the camera flash led.


Why is the flashlight file so big?
This flashlight contains high resolution images for devices with a high resolution displays. But it can be installed on sdcard, so the size should not be a problem.

Why does this flashlight has ads?
This flashlight can only be free, because of the ads. They are the only income stream of the developers, so please dont block them.

Why does this flashlight gets updated so frequently?
Updates for this flashlight contain bug fixes, new features and furthermore workarounds for non standard devices on which the camera flash led cannot be accessed in the conventional way.

How can i contact the developers of this flashlight?
If you have suggestions or questions regarding this flashlight contact us directly over the reporting system inside the app.


homepage: http://gabenative.com
facebook: https://facebook.com/gabenative
twitter: https://twitter.com/gabenative
google+: https://plus.google.com/101886319928380975453

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