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Summary: Get lost in the dark? You won't worry anymore if our Flashy is in your phone.

Updated: Jun 21, 2017
Category: flash, light, dark, sos, rescue, utility, discovery

Requirements: Android OS
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Flashy Flashy Free App Description:
Developer: Duy Cao
Support Email: duydaodac@gmail.com
Sometimes, you may have to manage in the dark: lights out, forest night, camping, cave discovery, etc. Don't worry, our Flashy Flashy will be your friend in those cases. Flashy Flashy is a flash light application that can show you the way out of darkness.
Main features:
- SOS light signal ( MORSE Code ).
- Custom Message signal ( MORSE Code ).
- Making sounds to turn on/off the light.
- Shake your phone to turn on/off the light.
- Normal on/off light.
The message feature will help you send your words in the situation of no technology and long distance. It is good for traveling or tell people something you do not dare to speak out.
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