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Summary: Move left or right to dodge the ongoing wave of the music spectrum! Play premade levels, your musicfile levels and Youtube levels!

Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Category: music, 3d, customization, youtue, mp3, wav

Requirements: Android OS
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FLUTUS Free App Description:
Developer: F5R
Support Email: juusoylikoski@windowslive.com
Flutus analyzes playing musictracks and creates spectrum waves which you have to dodge by moving left or right.
- Character model customization
  Change the shape of the cube your controlling
- Color customization
  Change player, spectrum, floor and walls color
- Music spectrum customization
  Change the shape of the blocks that come towards you
-Now you can select a video from the ingame browser 
-Play your favorite youtube videos!
-Just select a video from the browser then the next video and press Back -button. When the link is verified, you're set!
Choose the song you want to play from the ingame file browser
and let your music be the blocks which you have to dodge.
-Music spectrum analyzer will create the level for you with the settings you have chosen.
-Play your own music in this rhytm based game!
Supported music file formats:
.mp3, .wav, .aiff, .aif
*Requires permission to access files
*Youtube requires internet access
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