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Summary: Jump on the square and test your cleverness!

Updated: Oct 19, 2014
Found in: game, puzzle, logic, numbers, mathematics, paths

Requirements: Android OS 2.1
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Developer: quattropi
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Move on the board as a new Tony Manero! 
No, it is not a dance class but it is still moving to the synapse. 
The challenge you face in this puzzle game is to touch all the squares of a chessboard once and only once, according to the rules of the steps. 
There are 2 "walk", each can be used in 3 levels 
At the Exchequer larger is accessed only after passing the previous ones. 
Sounds easy ... but it is not difficult :-) 
Then on, he begins to walk. 
But be careful because it is not able to retrace your steps ....

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