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Summary: Enjoy Unlimited Free Sms using ur Android Phone using, ,

Updated: Aug 29, 2011
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Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Downloads: 33491
What is Free2Sms for Android:
Developer: Deepu Raj
Support Email:
Web Site:
1 .Register at any one of ,,
2 .Enter your account details into Free2sms
3 .Enjoy unlimited SMS from ur mobile
Stay in touch with your friends & family without the worries of mobile bills.
Support for adding any number of new Sms sites with out user interaction
Beta 1.0 is available . Please try and update the Feature and Bug report page.
Steps to Setup the APP..
1 . Register or 
2. Launch the app and press the Settings button it will show the sms sites available
3. Select the one site from the list and give ur registed mobile and passwrod and click save.
(Try enter on site info and save and take again to add next site)
4. take compose page from the first screen.
5. select the sms site from thr Top Right corner "Settings Icon" .
6. Type in the address bar or click in the contact icon for select single/multiple contact 
7. Type ur sms. and press hit send button.
8. Notifications will show when the sending process is completed
9. you can access inbox and outbox from the Top toolbar...

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