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Summary: Enjoy HD videos on Full HD Video Player, A fast, smart and HD Video Player.

Updated: Dec 11, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS 4.1
Downloads: 563
Full HD Video Player Free App Description:
Developer: LightTools
Support Email: codebots0@gmail.com
Full HD Video Player is a FREE multimedia player for your android smartphone. It is easy to use and you can enjoy HD Videos on your smartphone by using Full HD Video Player. All types of HD Video formats are supported by Full HD Video Player like 1080P MP4 videos, mkv, wmv and many more. 
Full HD Video Player also comes with easy to use swipe gestures for brightness, audio and playback controls. It provides you the ultimate High Definition video experience which is enjoyable on your smartphone.
 Features of Full HD Video Player 
  Supports all formats with Full HD Video Playback.
  Automatically scan and find all videos and movies on your phone or tablet.
  Touch Controls for sound , brightness and video playback.
  Show detailed video tiles with beautiful thumbnails.
  Get all the videos and movies by folder so can you can easily browse through them.
  Lightweight and smart with low size of application.
  Smooth and Fast Scrolling through videos and movies.
 Full HD Video Player is a FREE and powerful video player for your android smartphone. It supports all video formats and provide hd video playback for all videos and movies. use Full HD Video Player for free and enjoy HD videos and movies on your smartphone.
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