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Summary: Contains hi quality and loud funny sounds, ringtones and sound effects, for all occasions!

Updated: Sep 14, 2014
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What is Funny sounds and ringtones for Android:
Developer: Squirrel team
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*** Free sound and ringtone app for phone and tablet, ad supported ***
Contains hi quality and loud sounds of funny ringtones and sound effects, for all occasions. Want to have fun and laugh? If you want to your device has a unique ringtone, sms tone, notification sound and melody this app is perfect for you. Be unique, recognized, surprise and thrill your environment. Have fun and a laugh your friends and family.
You can find hilarious sounds, animal sounds, kids sounds, funny singing, relaxing and other crazy things for every mood and all-purpose. 
This app is made for wheedle smile on your face and, at the end this is all that is matters. Enjoy
* A complete list of all the sounds of FUNNY:
- Answer me!
- Baby laughing
- Baby lullaby
- Bells
- Bike
- Birds and nature
- Creepy
- Cute baby song
- Dogs singing
- Frog
- Funny cat
- Funny dog and cat
- Funny pinguino
- Funny rooster
- Funny squirrel
- I love you baby
- In rock
- Laser gun
- Morning alarm
- Music box
- Nuclear alarm
- Old clock
- Relaxing piano
- Samba mouse
- Shaving time
- Singing frog
- Sunny forest
- Urban city
- Waterfall
- Waves

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